Timeline: Hambrooks Bar Light

1900:   Representative Kerr of Maryland, introduces a bill to the Committee on Commerce to establish a beacon light on Hambrooks Bar and two range lights to show the entrance to Cambridge Harbor, Choptank River, MD on December 11. The Treasury Department recommends revising the bill to include “at a cost not to exceed $10,000.” Representative Kerr revises the bill as recommended on January 8.

1901:   On February 8, Congress authorized and approved the bill as revised by Representative Kerr.

1901:   Congress appropriates $10,000 for the construction of the lights on March 3, 1901.

1901:   Lt. Col. W.A. Jones, lighthouse engineer, and Captain Murdock, assistant engineer visits the site to do soil borings for the construction of the beacon light at Hambrooks Bar in June.

1902:   Hambrooks Bar Light is completed. It is a 15-foot tall conical shaped cast iron concrete caisson painted red. Levi B. Leonard is appointed keeper of the Hambrooks Bar beacon light in December. (December 21 paper)

1905:   The light at Hambrooks Bar is temporarily discontinued on January 28, due to dangerous ice.

1907:   The light at Hambrook Bars is temporarily discontinued on February 5 due to dangerous ice. It was relit on February 14.

1911:   Levi B. Leonard, keeper of Hambrook Bar and Cambridge range lights passes away on March 20. His son, Thomas Leonard, is appointed Keeper to replace him until a permanent Keeper is appointed.

1911:   Capt. Milbourne F. Cannon is appointed Keeper of Hambrooks Bar and Cambridge range lights in April.

1912:   The light at Hambrook Bar Cambridge range lights are temporarily discontinued on January 11, due to dangerous ice. It is relit on February 22.

1942:   The light at Hambrook bar was extinguished by the U.S. Coast Guard during WWII.

1991:   Plans to restore the Hambrooks Bar light is delayed while the U.S. Coast Guard waits for a nest of young ospreys to develop their wing feathers so they will have a better chance at survival.

1991:   Hambrooks Bar Light is refurbished in September by the U. S. Coast Guard. Repairs included repainting of the structure, replacement of corroded metal ladders and doors, as well as upgrading the solar panel system.

2020:   A contract was awarded by the U.S. Coast Guard to have the Hambrook Bar light demolished by June. A non-lighted red buoy #24 is already in place near the light to mark Hambrooks Bar for local navigation.

2021:  The light is removed from the structure by the U.S. Coast Guard.


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