Timeline: Fog Point Lighthouse

1826:   Congress appropriates $3,500 to construct a lighthouse at Fog’s Point on the northwestern tip of Smith Island on May 18.

1827:   Built by John Donahoo, the structure was a white brick house with a stone tower with a lantern placed on top of the roof dwelling.

1838:   The light in the dwelling burns ten lamps with 16-inch reflectors. It is reported to be well maintained.

1850:   It is reported that several of the zinc roof sheets are loose and the lantern room is somewhat leaky. The structure needs painting and whitewashing.

1855:   A fifth-order Fresnel lens is installed on August 18.

1864:   It is reported that the present lanterns are defective and need to be replaced.

1867:   Franklin lamps are installed to replace the fountain lamps. New lanterns are installed.

1868:   The station is reported to be in good condition.

1869:   The station is reported to be in good condition.

1874:   Congress appropriates $15,000 to construct a lighthouse, Solomon’s Lump, between Tangier Sound and the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia to replace Fog Point Lighthouse.

1875:   Fog Point Lighthouse is discontinued and abandoned on September 10, after the completion of Solomon’s Lump Lighthouse.


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