Keepers Mascot: Wally

Wally Harrison

Mascot 69, Wally was enrolled by Christine. We should emphasize that Wally is NOT a pet, he lives in his native habitat, and is loved and respected FROM AFAR.  Christine tells us: Wally, is about 5 feet long, and is the first and only registered alligator to become a “Keeper’s Mascot”. He is the resident gator of the small bay behind my condo in Sawgrass. The rear deck of my condo cantilevers out over the water, which makes it feel like a houseboat. Wally sunbathes on the bank of the golf green about 50 yards across the bay from my deck. When I call him, or he hears my voice, he will swim to me from wherever he is on the bay. He’s either sizing me up for a meal, or enjoys my companionship and “gator talk”. When you live in Florida, you reside in the gator’s natural habitat and must obey the safety rules. You accept gators, respect gators, DO NOT FEED GATORS, keep small pets leashed, supervised, or indoors at all times, and most importantly, constantly supervise children and keep them a safe distance from ponds and waterways. My friends and Airbnb guests love to visit my place, but I attribute the appeal and my success to Bud (mascot #68) and Wally, the “Odd Couple”! They are my shining lighthouse beacons!

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