Keepers Mascot: Sophia

Hi, my name is Sophia (mascot # 58), which is Greek for “the wise one”. As you can see from my picture, I am a very cute and adorable kitty with a lot of purr-sonality. My Humane Society adoption papers say I’m a Tabby Tortie cat, which means that my day markings resemble the day markings of Bald Head Lighthouse; all splotchy, beige, and gray and brown. My human parents [Elinor and Jon] were smitten with me from the start despite the fact they had to feed me with a bottle for a week because I was not feeling well and had trouble eating. I am one year old now and doing very well. I live in the Puget Sound area, a place with lots of rain, fog, foghorns, and lighthouses. The lighthouse nearest to my home is Point No Point. My human parents spoil me rotten. They give me lots of love, buy me ridiculously elaborate toys (I prefer paper balls and bottle caps), and treat me like I’m their child. I am allowed to do pretty much anything, except for walking on the dining room table, playing with the weights on the cuckoo clock, and scratching the furniture. I have my own jute rug to scratch in the laundry room with the image of Bodie Island on it. As you can imagine, my days are very busy. Napping is good in myriad—chairs, windowsills, beds, rugs, shelves, the laundry basket, the deep sink in the laundry room, the four-foot tall lighthouse dollhouse, and the best place of all is the bedroom closet high on a shelf on top of a fleece blanket. I have two aquariums to watch and there are bird feeders on the porch for my amusement. When I finish bird-watching, I roll around on the kitchen floor and rub all available legs until someone puts tuna in my dish. After dinner, I wash my face and look for a place to take a nap. Yes, if you’re wondering, I do have a favorite lighthouse; Cat Island.

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