Keepers Mascot: Petal

Mascot #104, Petal, lives with “The Bunny Lady” (aka Barbara) who tells us: We have been blessed with four bunnies in our 51years of married life. Hubby Lawrence knows his place in the “pecking” order when he says “rabbit rules”!

Currently ruling our house is Petal, a Lionhead, rescue bunny who had been abandoned, then dropped, necessitating the amputation of her left rear leg. Her recovery has been extraordinary and inspirational. All our bunnies have been therapy rabbits and Petal has joined the ranks. Strap on a harness, plop her in the basket and away we go to Powhatan Nursing Home. There they have all warmed hearts, drawn smile after smile and have been the highlight of the day for many residents for over 25 years! For example, I was told that one resident NEVER smiled or talked EXCEPT when he was petting my rabbit! Thinking of getting a bunny to “share the love”? Just know they are not “starter” pets, require special food, vet care, etc. and are a long-term commitment. They are truly beautiful animals and I would be very glad to talk with anyone considering adopting one!!!!

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