Keepers Mascot: Penny

Penny Smith courtesy of Joyce Smith.Joyce provided the following heart-warming bio on Mascot # 18 – Penny.

In March 2005, I had been looking for a kitten or two to adopt. While waiting for a bus, I found a “Lucky Penny”. That night when I returned home, there was an ad in the paper for kittens. After calling and arriving at the address in a half hour, only one seven week-old kitten remained. Not at all the coloring I wanted – but when I picked her up, she was purring so hard and loud she shook! The owner had run out of food the day before and a visit to the store was planned for the next day. I was not leaving this darling kitten for another day. Because her coloring was so different, I had a hard time finding a suitable name. Then it dawned on me – Penny.

She got and still gets into everything, including chewing on plastic if I am not careful with it. At about two years, Penny contracted epilepsy and receives liquid medication twice a day. She fights it, but has learned that she takes it, she will get a treat. As soon as the medicine is given, Penny heads for her food dish. She helps me with anything I am doing and will lay down, purring and waiting to be petted or combed.

Penny knows when it is bedtime and will be most persistent until I say “Just a Minute” and we eventually head to the bedroom. She sleeps at the foot of the bed or near my head, purring us both to sleep. Penny does not play very much, but at night she runs up and down the stairs and rolls noisy things across the floor. She is my best friend and (other than lighthouses) is the source of my greatest joy.

Photo courtesy of Joyce.

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