Keepers Mascot: Kadi, Max, and Chessie Lee

Members Carolyn and Trez provided the following thoughtful bios on their three beloved mascots – Kadi, Max and Chessie Lee, Mascots 19 through 21Kadi photo courtesy of Trez Moreland and Carolyn Dodson..

Kadi is our 7 year old dog, a female black Spitz mix. After a stay at the Prince Georges County Maryland Animal Shelter the Calvert County Humane Society acquired her when she was 2 years old. She was a very nervous dog, and had never been to the vet until then. When she came to her new forever home, she needed some tender, loving care. She underwent some serious adjustments in the first year … and eventually, with good medical care and a loving home, she gained the needed weight, and became physically and mentally healthy. Kadi befriended Max in the second year; and finally Chessie Lee came around last year. She has really come into her own and she has a very sweet and playful personality. She loves the dog park and her treats, of course. She travels very well in the car and goes with us on most family vacations. In 2011 she even volunteered at Turkey Point Lighthouse for the Maryland Lighthouse Challenge! Now that’s a keeper’s mascot!

Maximillian G. (Max) is a 10 year old grey tabby cat who came to us from the Tri-County Shelter. We adopted him from the Annapolis, MD Max photo courtesy of Trez Moreland and Carolyn Dodson.PetSmart when he was 5 months old. Max is a very sweet boy who loves to sit on your lap to have his head rubbed. He was an indoor/outdoor cat for his first 7 years. But he was injured by bites in cat fights twice within a year and had to be quarantined each time. Poor Max … after his last fight, he became afraid to go out of the yard. Now, he will only venture outside when it’s quiet and safe! He loves scratching on wood; unfortunately, it’s the trim around the doors! Max also loves to play in cardboard boxes and tear holes in them!

Chessie Lee is a beautiful 13 year old black domestic short-hair cat with a white triangle on her chest and a little white on her belly. She is the smallest member of the family but proves on a regular basis that she is the boss! Chessie Lee moved to Edgewater, MD at 5 weeks old, weighing only 15 ounces. Born in Amissville, VA, Chessie Lee was the runt of the litter from Carolyn’s grandfather’s favorite lap cat. Her father was a local stray who “adopted” the household. She loves treats of tuna juice, “milky”, and “Temptations”. Her favorite toy is a light pen but she also loves things that roll and her fuzzy mouse. She’s mostly an inside cat but when she does venture out, she never strays outside the fence … instead, she loves to hide in the tall grasses watching the birds in the garden and at the feeder.

Chessie Lee photo courtesy of Trez Moreland and Carolyn Dodson.Photos from top: Kadi, Max and Chessie Lee courtesy of Trez and Carolyn.

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