Keepers Mascot: Molly Zupolly

MollyZupollyRosage_72dpiMollyZupollyRosage1_72dpiSpotlighted in the member “circle” is our second sign-up, Little Molly Zupolly, the beloved bichon frise of Karen and Dave. Little Molly is 13 years young and became a member of the family in 1997. According to Karen & Dave, Little Molly is free-spirited, loves children, walks, car rides and has a special fondness for Cheetos. Little Molly grew up in a full household that includes twin girls (Kayla & Kaitlin) and an older brother (David), so she received a lot of “girly” attention and some rough & tumble playtime as well. Her favorite pastime is walking, especially with Dave in the morning and looking for her neighborhood canine buddy – Buster – a small terrier pup. Karen also advised that Molly is very protective of her adopted family. Molly also has an afternoon dog walker, Bridgette, an eight year old neighbor who is under salary – a dollar a trip.

Sadly, Molly (17 1/2 years old) “Crossed the Bar” on April 8, 2014

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