Keepers Mascot: Jeffrey

Jeffrey courtesy of Lauren & Paula.

Jeffrey courtesy of Lauren & Paula.

Meet Jeffrey, a.k.a. Jeffrey’s Hook, our first Keeper’s Mascot member. Jeffrey resides with Paula and Lauren; lighthouses and hamsters mean a lot to both of them. And because of their love of lighthouses, their hamsters are usually named after them; i.e., Rockland, Pemaquid, Ponce, Jupiter, etc.

Jeffrey became a member of the family on May 22, 2009 when he was around eight to ten weeks old. He was a big challenge at first as he learned how to escape from his house, and the search for him was always on. A very large dictionary was finally placed on the top over the door until he could be moved to a stronger house, which he has not figured out how to escape from. During that time, friends advised Paula and Lauren to maybe change his name to “Houdini.” When Jeffrey was younger, he loved to be on his wheel, but he is now leaving that running task to his new younger brother, Gustave, who arrived to the family on May 15, 2010. Jeffrey’s favorite treats are yogurt drops, pasta and green beans.

Jeffrey “crossed the bar” in 2011, but he will always have the honor of being our first Keeper’s Mascot.

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