Keeper Bio: Lawson, Nancy Wickett Ward

Date of Service: 1869 – 1871

1833: Born on April 18 to parents Noah & Patty Anne Ward in Somerset County, MD.

1851: Marries Noah Moffett Lawson on November 4th in Somerset County, MD.

1867-1871: Nancy’s husband, Noah, Serves as Keeper for the newly constructed Janes Island Lighthouse, MD., starting in October 1867.

1869: A fire destroys the house belonging to Noah and Nancy Lawson, along with all their belongings in October.

1869-1871: Nancy Lawson is appointed Assistant Keeper on November 10, 1869, at Janes Island Lighthouse, MD. Her annual salary is $400/year.

1871: Resigns as Assistant Keeper at Janes Island Lighthouse, MD., on September 20.

1901: Husband Noah Moffett Lawson dies on November 24, 1901.

1921: Nancy Wickett Ward Lawson dies on July 26, 1921, in Hopewell, MD. She is buried at St. Peters Methodist Church Cemetery, Crisfield, MD.

Source: Chesapeake Chapter Keeper database; J. Candace Clifford Lighthouse Research Catalog,;; The Cecil Whig, November 6, 1869


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