Keeper Bio: Potts, Nancy B.

Date of Service: 1865-1872

1865: Nancy B. Potts, the wife of Jean G. Potts, is appointed First Assistant Keeper at Cape Charles Lighthouse, VA. Her beginning salary is $300/year. (Her husband Jean G. Potts served as Principal Keeper)

1868:  Keeper Jean G. Potts is killed in a disagreement by a man he meets walking on the railroad tracks near the lighthouse. Both men were carrying a double-barrel shotgun. Keeper Potts threatens to kill the man, presents his gun, but before he could get his shot off, the other man shoots him first. His ending salary at Cape Charles Lighthouse, VA. Was $760/year. His wife remains as Assistant Keeper at the lighthouse.

1872: Second Assistant Keeper Nancy B. Potts is dismissed or removed from service. Her ending pay was $400/year.

Sources: Chesapeake Chapter Keeper’s Database;;; Richmond Dispatch, February 1, 1868



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