Delaware Breakwater East End

Delaware Breakwater Light was built in 1885, and positioned such that it could be seen from both the harbor and the ocean. It is a brown brick conical tower on a concrete and stone caisson. The light originally had a fourth order Fresnel lens but was replaced with an airport style beacon in 1973. The Delaware Breakwater Light worked in conjunction with the much more powerful Cape Henlopen Light until its demise in 1926. This light was deactivated in 1996. The exterior of this lighthouse was renovated in 1999 and is used as a day marker.
On September 30, 2004 a lighthouse partnership was announced between the Delaware River & Bay Authority (DRBA) and the Delaware River & Bay Lighthouse Foundation. In an effort to enhance the educational value and long-term preservation of the historic lighthouse, the DRBA has entered into an operating agreement with the non-profit Delaware River & Bay Lighthouse Foundation.

This light can be viewed from the Cape May-Lewes Ferry or from Cape Henlopen State Park. The Delaware River & Bay Lighthouse Foundation conducts regular tours.

Photo by Henry Gonzalez.





GPS: 38.798380, -75.100136


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