Workday: Historic Ships in Baltimore – Oct 27, 2018

Lightship Chesapeake in Baltimore's Inner Harbor

Photo by Tony Pasek
Lightship Chesapeake in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

We had a small crew on a blustery cold late October Saturday. There are a lot of changes going on in the Harbor. Our favorite parking garage was sold by the city and the rates increased dramatically and our main restaurant of choice has closed. However, we have a new favorite parking garage that is just a slightly longer walk and an even lower rate for the day and we have discovered some new dining pleasures. So, this change does not seem too bad.

Even with a small crew we made some progress. There continues to be a lot of flaking paint so a large part of the job this time around was scraping and vacuuming up some of the paint chips in the staterooms in the back of the ship. We also painted one of the forward crew’s quarters. We then continued with the scraping – this time in the areas in the cook’s cabin and galley were the paint was flaking off.  Other tasks included attaching a mirror to the 12 inch signal light, removing a light fixture in the starboard exhibit area as well as cleaning various areas of the ship. Some electrical work was completed down below, some new wire was strung and some lighting fixtures were tested for fit.

It was too cold and rainy to do any work up on deck, so some of the painting will have to wait. We will have to see what the November 17th workday brings weather wise. If it is nice, we may get some of that outside work done.

 Anne Puppa Painting ceiling in crew's room.

Photo by Tony Pasek
Anne Puppa Painting ceiling in crew’s room.

Tony Pasek vacuuming paint chips in stateroom.

Photo by Anne Puppa
Tony Pasek vacuuming paint chips in stateroom.


Susan Duke
Greg Krawczyk
Tony Pasek
Anne Puppa


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