Workday: Cove Point Lighthouse March 19, 2022

Cove Point Light Station

Cove Point Light Station with new fencing March 2022

After two years volunteers returned to Cove Point to do a little touch up work on the porch of the keeper’s house. It was a small crew of four people who showed up on a sunny and breezy Saturday. The museum has just completed replacing the old, battered chain link fence that stands between the light station and the beach and bay. As a result we had the place to ourselves since they didn’t rent out the units while the construction was under way.


The volunteers were met by Calvert Marine Museum Deputy Director Rachelle Green who opened the visitor center and provided us with the work details and the supplies. She made sure we had everything we needed and then we set to work.


Volunteers moved the furniture out to the lawn and got to work sanding the surfaces and the sweeping the floors to prep the area. Then we got to work painting the railings and after a nice lunch at the nearby picnic tables the floor was painted.  We couldn’t have asked for nicer weather as the sun was out for most of the day and temperature were in the 70s. Not bad for one of the last days of a very cold winter. It was great to be outside and doing a little lighthouse work after the last couple of years of inactivity.

Look for more preservation events coming your way this year.

Laura Belmonte painting porch railing

Laura Belmonte painting porch railing March 19, 2022

Jack Belmonte doing cut in work of porch floor of keepers house.

Carolyn Dodson painting porch railing

Carolyn Dodson painting porch railing of Keeper’s house at Cove Point

Work Crew at Cove Point March 2022

Carolyn, Laura, Anne, Jack in front of newly painted porch







Special thanks to the following volunteers:

  • Jake Belmonte
  • Laura Belmonte
  • Carolyn Dodson
  • Anne Puppa

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