Wolf Trap Station

The first lightship stationed at Wolf Trap Shoal, designated “S”, was built in 1820 and stationed at the shoal in 1821. No record as to how long it was on station or what happened to the ship. The next lightship (“T”) stationed at the shoal was built in 1856 at the Philadelphia Navy Yard and was a 150-ton wooden hull. During the period of 1856 to 1861 it was stationed on both Wolf Trap and York Spit Virginia. This lightship was removed, sunk or destroyed by Confederate forces in 1861.
From 1864 to 1870 records show that the area was served by LV22. Between 1870 and 1893 the station was serviced by a screwpile lighthouse.

From 1893-1895 the lightship LV46 was stationed at Wolf Trap during the reconstruction of the lighthouse.

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Keepers:  Brazilla Kirwan (1850 – 1855), William Turner (1855 – 1857), Fernando Hughes (1857 – 1861), William B. Collins (1865), P. Murphy (1865 – 1870), Samuel Trader (1870)

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