Timeline: New Point Comfort Lighthouse

(Located at the entrance of Mobjack Bay, 21 miles north of Old Point Comfort, in Mathews County, VA. Visible from observation platform /walkway at VA Nature Conservancy’s New Point Comfort Preserve, Bavon, VA – Updated 5/27/2020

1804: 58-foot octagonal cut-stone tower, 3rd oldest lighthouse on the Bay built by the first keeper, Elzy Burroughs.

1865: 4th-order Fresnel lens installed.

1868: Extensive repairs completed.

1900: Rail fence & plank walkways installed around tower & dwelling.

1918: Keeper Edward H. Sibley is awarded the inspector’s efficiency star.

1919: Light partially automated. Keeper’s house torn down. Keeper resigns.

1930: Light completely automated.

1933: Hurricane creates channel; separates lighthouse from the mainland.

1963: Automated beacon placed 1,050 yards offshore.

1968: CG discontinues all maintenance; abandons station.

1972: Lighthouse added on Register of VA Historic Landmarks.

1976: Lighthouse deeded to Mathews County, VA.

1988: $80,000 in structural repairs by NPC preservation group.

1994: Vandals damage lighthouse.

1999 Repairs made, and tower relit.

2001: New Point Comfort Preservation Task Force (NPCPTF) formed to restore and preserve the lighthouse.

2003: New pier constructed at the lighthouse.

2012: Protective seawall built. Pier removed.

2016: Larger replacement pier constructed.

2021:  1.2 million restorations completed to include: re-pointing, repainting, all doors and windows replaced, brickwork repaired, replaced flooring. Also installed new LED light and exhibited for the first time in 16 years in October. The light will operate as a private aid to navigation.

Source: NPCPTF web site: http://www.newpointcomfortlighthouse.org/index.php

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