Timeline: Tue Marshes Lighthouse

1874: Congress appropriates $15,000 on June 23 to construct a lighthouse at Too’s Marshes, near the mouth of the York River, Virginia.

1875: Construction begins on the lighthouse on May 24th. It is to be a square screwpile cottage structure on iron piles. It is equipped with a sixth-order Fresnel lens first exhibited on August 15th.

1899: Miscellaneous repairs are made, and new fifth-order lamps are installed in November.

1900: Two iron landing ladders are installed.

1915: Keeper John F. Jarvis is awarded the efficiency gold star.

1918: Keeper John F. Jarvis is awarded the commissioner’s efficiency star.

1921: On June 18, Head Keeper John F. Jarvis and his assistant, Robert F. Powell provided assistance in sending a message for aid for the motor launch from the United States naval air station, which was seen in distress near the vicinity of the lighthouse.

1960: On April 26, the Coast Guard announces that Tue Marshes Lighthouse will be automated. The cottage structure is dismantled and removed, and an automatic light is installed on top of the original foundation.

2014: The Coast Guard announces it will remove the original screwpile foundation due to structural failure.

2015: The Coast Guard removes the original screwpile foundation.

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Updated 5/27/2020

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