Timeline: Pungoteague Creek Lighthouse

1852: On August 31, Congress appropriates $10,000 to build a lighthouse at Pungoteague Creek, Va.

1853: The site for the lighthouse is selected and approved plans and estimates are provided by Major Hartman Bache.

1854: The entire structure, foundation, superstructure, and ironwork is completed in Philadelphia, Pa. On April 23, materials were shipped to the construction site. The hexagonal screwpile was equipped with a fifth-order Fresnel lens and is exhibited for the first time on November 1.

1856: The lighthouse is overturned by a large mass of floating ice on February 2. The lantern, lens and many other items were recovered. Congress appropriates $5,000 for rebuilding the lighthouse.

1857: The approved lighthouse cannot be constructed until after the meeting of the State Legislature and the title approved in accordance with the law.

1860: The title to the site for the new lighthouse is obtained.

1903: On December 24, the U.S. Lighthouse Board requests $8,000 to build another lighthouse at or near the same site of the previous lighthouse.

1906: Congress appropriates $8,000 on June 30 to construct a replacement lighthouse.

1907: Plans are prepared for the proposed structure. A request for bids to supply the metalwork is opened on July 1.

1908: The metalwork for the structure is completed and stored at the Lazaretto lighthouse depot. The replacement is a concrete-filled caisson with a flashing light mounted on top. The structure sits on the stone rubble from the original lighthouse.

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