Timeline: Pages Rock Lighthouse

1883: The U. S. Lighthouse Board recommends that a lighthouse be constructed at Pages Rock, in the York River, approximately five miles from Yorktown, Virginia at a cost of $25,000. The combination of railroads at West Point and the increasing commerce on the York River are the reason for the request. This request is repeated for the next seven years through 1890.

1891: After multiple requests, Congress appropriates $25,000 on March 3, 1891, to construct a lighthouse at Pages Rock. Borings are made to determine the composition of the shoal in June and again in December to determine what type of structure to build.

1892: The results of the borings show that the river bottom is not firm enough to support a lighthouse on screwpiles. It is decided to build a structure on wooden piles, which could be driven deeper than regular screwpiles. In the spring, drawings and specs are made. Bids are submitted for the metalwork. The lowest bid of $4,875 is approved. A deed for the site is secured from the state.

1893: The ironwork for the substructure is delivered in November, which is too late in the year to start construction of the lighthouse.

1894: Construction of the hexagonal lighthouse is completed and equipped with a fourth-order Fresnel lens. The light was first exhibited on September 30, 1894.

1899: New model fourth-order lamps are installed in October and minor repairs are made.

1912: Assistant keeper, Eugene S. Riley rescues a captain from the sinking barge Comet on January 5.

1960: The lighthouse is automated and boarded up.

1967: The lighthouse is dismantled, and an automated light is mounted on top of a skeletal tower which is mounted on the remaining screwpile foundation.

2014: The U.S. Coast Guard publishes its intention to remove the structure due to structural issues.

2015: The U.S. Coast Guard removes the screwpile foundation.

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