Lower Cedar Point Lightship

LV24 (designated Lower Cedar Point) was stationed in the section of the Potomac River referred to as the “narrows of the Potomac”. The narrows lie about 40 miles upriver from the Chesapeake Bay. The lightship was moored off the present Naval Proving Ground at Dahlgren, Virginia, and about one mile south of the Robert Nice Bridge for Route 301. Lower Cedar Point Lightship was a 115-ton wooden hull ship. It was placed on Lower Cedar Point (Maryland) in September 1864 and served there until 1867 when it was discontinued after the Lower Cedar Point Lighthouse came into operation. LV24 went on to serve at York Spit (Virginia) from 1867-1870.
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Keepers: Sylvester Smoot (1843 – 1844), William Stinton (1844 – 1855), Thomas Shorter (1845 – 1849), James H. Morgan (1849), James A. Jones (1853), Thomas Posey (1853 – 1860), J.M. Dutton (1860), Thomas Hale (1863 – 1865), Thomas Burroughs (1865)

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