Keepers Mascot: Violet and Oscar

Violet Pasek

Mascots 120 and 121 are Violet and Oscar Pasek respectively. Owner Matthew provided this info:

“Violet Pasek is a 4-year-old, black medium-haired cat, and was a birthday gift for my daughter, Cecilia. Violet is the most cat-like of cats, demanding attention only on her terms. She loves to watch mice on the iPad and gets upset if I am not paying attention to her when on a telecon. Grandma and Grandpa have nicknamed her “Violent”, as any attempt at giving her affection (aside from me) may result in a hiss and a swat. Violet tolerates her fur brother, Oscar, but makes sure she gets first dibs on food from the food bowl. Any deviation from this pecking order is swiftly remedied, and I have often found her with a mouthful of orange fur.”

Oscar Pasek

Oscar Pasek is a 3-year-old, orange tabby and was a birthday gift for my son, Zachary. When he was younger, Oscar used to chase the red dots of laser pointers, and even played fetch. Nowadays, not so much, as both activities are probably too much effort. So, Oscar’s favorite hobbies are sleeping and eating. Oscar’s best friend in the world is his automatic cat feeder, which four times a day calls out “Din-din”. The result is a galloping, orange kitty rushing to get his rations. He likes Violet, but the feeling is not always mutual.

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