Keepers Mascot: Stormcloud

Mascot # 49 – Stormcloud, like Puck (#48) also lives with Karl, Cory, Claudia, and Val. Stormcloud A.K.A. “Storm” is an 11-year-old calico-domestic shorthair cat. Her hobbies include eating, sitting up high and shadow-boxing. Storm would be good on a lighthouse because she likes high places and overseeing others’ activity. She was named Stormcloud because her colors look like a storm cloud. She was adopted from the Bozeman (Montana) Humane Society on May 4th, 2004. Her original name was “Clicko.” At home she loves sitting on anything up high such as the stacked washer/dryer, on top of chairs, and tall shelves. She loves to sneak outside even though she is an indoor cat. Storm is the queen of the pets and both Puck and dog, Spartacus, know to obey her.

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