Keepers Mascot: Princess

Mascot # 53,  Princess, lives with Ed and Val. Ed tells us: About four years ago, Val and I were in PetSmart buying pet supplies for our other animals, and as usual, Val goes past all the cats available. As she walked by, one cat came to the front of the glass case and rubbed against it. We were on our way to lunch and all during lunch she kept talking about that cat, and I finally said, “Go get it if you want it.” Back at PetSmart, we were told that the cat was a “Maine Coon” cat and had been abused. Obviously that being said, we had to have her. For those of you not familiar with the Maine Coon, it is the largest domesticated breed of cat that has a distinctive physical appearance and valuable hunting skills. It is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America, specifically native to the state of Maine where it is the official state cat. When we got her home, she would hide whenever she could and did not like being held. On a trip to the vet he diagnosed Princess with anxiety issues. So he gave us some cream and told us to confine her for about a week. About the fourth day of her treatment, Princess started meowing when we came in to see her and after that she owned the house (I know some people who could use the cream). Princess also has major issues with other animals residing in the house; she cannot reach the bird. One day, Val wore some husky slippers and when Princess saw them, she went ballistic – even jumping into the air while she screamed like a banshee. The first day when I was fixing tuna for the fire house, I looked down and there she was, sitting up like a dog. Now, every time the can opener starts up, she’s right there. Princess has been a good companion, especially for Val and she sleeps with her every night.

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