Keepers Mascot: Miss Pepper Collins

Miss Pepper Collins

Mascot # 119, Miss Pepper Collins, lives with Betty & Ron. They provided this bio:

Miss Pepper Collins is a one and a half-year-old rescue cat that we acquired from the Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society in 2019.  More than anything, she loves to eat!  We quickly learned that Pepper’s meals need to be measured out, so as not to overfeed her.  Pepper likes to play Chess, and her record is batting seven of Ron’s chessmen on the floor at the same time.  She also loves gardening in the form of uprooting Betty’s house plants, leaving them to be repotted later.  Other games Pepper enjoys are laser tag and playing with her feather wand. As a house cat, Pepper gets a lot of exercise running from window to window, spying on the outdoor cats. There is never a dull moment with Miss Pepper. She is a sweet girl and we are very happy that we found her!

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