Keeper Bio: Sadler, Charles Linwood

Charles Linwood Sadler

Date of Service: 1944 – Retirement

1906: Born on June 12 in Mathews County, VA.
1928: Married Mabel Martha Diggs. Raises four children.
Joined Coast Guard buoy tender after a career of commercial boating.
1944 – 1953: Serves as civilian First Assistant Keeper at Cove Point Lighthouse, Lusby, Maryland. Sadler and his family live in station’s three-story keeper’s quarters.
1953 – 1954: Serves as civilian Assistant Keeper at Windmill Point Lighthouse.
1954 – Retirement: Serves as civilian Assistant Keeper at Tue Marshes Lighthouse.
1981: Passed away on May 9 at age 74. Buried at Pear Tree Cemetery, Onemo, VA

Keeper Charles Linwood Sadler Anecdotes:

Sadler’s daughter Sally recalls growing up at Cove Point Lighthouse where her father served as assistant keeper. Sally recalled that her father loved his job and that he was a perfectionist. Sadler kept the brass polished and the beacon spotless.

After spending a day at the nearby beach looking for fossilized shark teeth. Sadler would say “Sally, don’t walk sand into this house”. Sally remembers her father logging ships cruising past Cove Point. Sadler did most of the painting, raised chickens, hog and tended a garden.

There is a memorial brick at Cove Point which commemorates his lighthouse service.

Source: Sally Sadler Callis; the Baltimore Sun, January 8, 1953; Robert Hurry and Richard Dodds -Calvert Marine Museum Solomons, MD.

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