Keeper Bio: Costin, George W.


Date of Service: 1910

1886:   George W. Costin is born on October 13 to parents Thomas W. and Ida R. Costin in Piney Point MD.

1883:  George’s father, Thomas, is appointed Principal Keeper at Piney Point Lighthouse, MD.

1910:  Thomas W. Costin dies on duty, on September 10th, at Piney Point Lighthouse.

1910:   George W. Costin is appointed Acting Keeper of Piney Point Lighthouse upon the death of his father on September 11. His annual salary was $552.00. The Lighthouse Inspector wrote to the Commissioner on September 16, requesting this be a temporary appointment until another person could be transferred to the position. Employment was not to exceed one month.

1910:  On September 26, 1910, George W. Costin completed a personal questionnaire sheet. He indicated that his previous occupation was with a mercantile business, he had attended public school and had carpenter qualifications. On September 28, 1910, George W. Costin submitted a letter to the Department of Commerce making an application for the permanent position of keeper. The Chief Clerk replied that the position is filled from a selection of eligible established in accordance with civil service rules and regulations. It appears that there is an ample register from which selection may be made to fill this vacancy. George Costin took the Oath of Office in St. Mary’s County Circuit Court on September 30, 1910.

1910:  George Costin’s appointment was extended on October 10 because his successor did not report for duty until October 14, 1910.

1917:  George Costin registers for the WWI draft in Washington D.C. His occupation is listed as a carpenter at Rauscher’s in D.C. He is described as tall with a medium build, blue eyes, and brown hair.

1920:   In the U.S. Census, George Costin’s occupation is listed as a caterer at a restaurant.

1925:   George marries Marion L. Brooke in Washington D.C.

1930:  In the U.S. Census, George’s occupation is listed as a Manager in the catering industry.

1940:  In the U.S. Census, George’s occupation is listed as a carpenter.

1942:   George W. Costin registers for the WWII draft on April 27, 1942. He was 55 years old. His employer is listed as Utility Dept. Rolling Field.

1960:  George W. Costin dies on January 17. He is buried at Rock Creek Cemetery.

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