Keeper Bio: Wilson, Elizabeth

Date of Service: 1873 – 1877

1827+/-:  Elizabeth C. Dodge is born in Maryland.

1869:  Noah Wilson, age 58, Principal Keeper of Piney Point married Elizabeth Dodge, widow/farmer, age 42, on 30 October 1869 at Piney Point by Rev. Smith.

1869-1873: Noah Wilson is appointed Principal Keeper of Piney Point Lighthouse, MD. His annual salary is $520.

1870:  In the U.S. Census, Noah Wilson and his family reside in the 2nd Election District of St. Mary’s County, Maryland. Noah is listed as a 67-year-old lighthouse keeper. Residing with him is his wife Elizabeth age 43, son Bear (Assistant Keeper) age 19, and daughter Hellen aged 16. He had a real estate value of $10,000 and a personal value of $300.00.

1873:  Noah Wilson dies on duty on July 7, 1873. He is buried at Glenwood Cemetery, Washington D.C. His wife Elizabeth assumes his duties as Keeper at Piney Point Lighthouse.

1873-1877: Elizabeth Wilson is officially appointed Principal Keeper at Piney Point Lighthouse, MD. Her annual salary is $520.00.

1877:  Elizabeth Wilson resigns as Principal Keeper.

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