Keeper Bio: Suter, Charlotte

Date of Service: 1844 – 1846

1840:  Charlotte Suter and her husband, Henry Sr., both born in Great Britain, are listed in the U.S. Census as living in St. Mary’s Co. MD.

1841:  Henry Suter dies on February 7, at age 71, and is buried at St. George’s Episcopal Church, Valley Lee, MD.

1844-1846:  Charlotte Suter is listed as Principal Keeper of the Piney Point Lighthouse, MD. Her annual salary was $350.00.

1845:  On March 28, 1845, a letter was written to U.S. President James K. Polk from James Mitchell, Master of the S.B. Osceola steamboat. He states, “…she is the only person that has kept it (the light) tolerable well since it has been established and I can say until Ms Suter was appointed it has been the worst kept light on the river…”

1848-1849:  Charlotte Suter dies in Baltimore (not sourced)

Sources –April Havens, Piney Point Museum, The Official Register of the U.S., letter donated to Piney Point Museum from Candace Clifford.



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