Bush Bluff Lightship

LV97 (designated Bush Bluff) was stationed in the Elizabeth River about three miles south of Sewells Point and 1 and 1/2 miles north of Craney Island. It was used to marked Bush Bluff Shoal and served as a guide for approaches to the harbors of Portsmouth and Norfolk. The Bush Bluff first served on station from 1895 until 1911. Prior to Bush Bluff lightship, the station was served by LV46 (1891-1893) and another vessel (1893-1895). The lightship was replaced with a buoy from 1911 through 1912 during World War I. It was reassigned back on station from 1912 through 1918. The Bush Bluff lightship was extensively used to mark a variety of other stations on lower Chesapeake Bay during this time. The station was eventually replaced by a buoy.
Photos courtesy Coast Guard.

Keepers:  Charles Bohannon (1891 – 1893), Frank L. Dixon (1893)

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