Workday: Historic Ships of Baltimore June 04, 2011

In June of 2011 eight Chapter volunteers spent the day on the Lightship Chesapeake. Volunteers painted the railings going up to the ship and then worked on a lot of the electrical fixtures. Several were being cleaned up so they could be  put back once new wiring was installed.

DSC02282 DSC02281

Drew and Lynne Shettle paint the railings.

Tony and Hobie work on the door to the upper deck

Tony and Hobie work on the door to the upper deck


Lynn and Drew work chip paint off light fixtures Greg and Andy working on electrical fixtures Ed Shaw cleans electrical fixtures

Everyone is working on electrical fixers. Drew and Lynne scrape the paint off fixtures. Ed Shaw does the same. Greg and Andy drill new holes for he fixtures.


Photos courtesy of Anne Puppa

Andy Gray
Greg Krawczyk
Tony Pasek
Ed Shaw
Drew Shettle
Lynne Shettle
Hobie Statzer
Anne Puppa

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