Workday: Historic Ships in Baltimore August 22, 2015

Susan, Paula, Hobie and Greg work on wiring.

Photo by Anne Puppa
Susan, Paula, Hobie and Greg work on wiring.

There was a small group up in Baltimore on one of the last weekends of summer. In spite of the small number of volunteers we got good amount of work done and completed most of the items on the work list AND we managed to add a few items to the list for good measure.

There was a bit of painting, a bit of electrical work, some scraping and polishing as well. The section of overhead in the Wardroom where a new light fixture will go was given another coat of paint. By this point in the season it shouldn’t surprise you that we were running low on paint. The paint that was left  was used in the Cook’s Stateroom where one section was completed and another had good progress made. We ran out of paint though and had to move on to other tasks.

Some of the wiring was replaced adding a bit of progress to the goal of rewiring the ship. This length of wire proved to be a bit of a challenge as the line had to come from the upper deck and down into the mess hall to be hooked up to an alarm system. It was a little stubborn, but the volunteers persevered and finally prevailed.

Several of the clips from the Fidley were given a coat of paint. The locker in the drill press room was primed. Several of the switches were cleaned. The last of the old wood was cut up and carted off. The signal light was sanded and primed.

I don’t believe that is the full list, but you get the idea.

Group plans how to run wire.

Photo by Anne Puppa
Group plans how to run wire.

Chapter Volunteers:
Susan Duke
Greg Krawczyk
Lauren Liebrecht
Paula Liebrecht
Anne Puppa
Hobie Statzer

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