Timeline: New Point Comfort

(Located at entrance of Mobjack Bay, 21 miles north of Old Point Comfort, in Mathews County, VA. Visible from observation platform /walkway at VA Nature Conservancy’s New Point Comfort Preserve, Bavon, VA – 03/25/18)

1804 58-foot octagonal cut-stone tower, 3rd oldest lighthouse on the Bay built by first keeper, Elzy Burroughs.

1865 4th-order Fresnel lens installed.

1868 Extensive repairs completed.

1900 Rail fence & plank walkways installed around tower & dwelling.

1919 Light partially automated. Keeper’s house torn down. Keeper resigns.

1930 Light completely automated.

1933 Hurricane creates channel; separates lighthouse from the mainland.

1963 Automated beacon placed 1,050 yards offshore.

1968 CG discontinues all maintenance; abandons station.

1972 Lighthouse added on Register of VA Historic Landmarks.

1976 Lighthouse deeded to Mathews County, VA.

1988 $80,000 in structural repairs by NPC preservation group.

1994 Vandals damage lighthouse.

1999 Repairs made, and tower relit.

2001 New Point Comfort Preservation Task Force (NPCPTF) formed to restore and preserve lighthouse.

2003 New pier constructed at lighthouse.

2012 Protective seawall built. Pier removed.

2016 Larger replacement pier constructed.

Source: NPCPTF web site: http://www.newpointcomfortlighthouse.org/index.php

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