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Work re-started in the beginning of May to replace the steel beams and tie rods at Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse. The contractor, Marine Solutions, Inc. endured some nasty weather, extreme high tides, rain, cold and wind during this second phase of the work.  You will recall that we replaced a wood beam under the privy last fall and installed 4 new tie rods during the first phase.

I am pleased to report that an additional 16 tie rods and all the steel beams have now been replaced. We were also able to re-build the landing dock and eliminate the aluminum bridge, replace the steps leading up to the corral, and replace the steel platform under the steps at the hatch. The entire metal under structure has been re-painted and looks great. I am attaching some pictures that show the completed project.

We re-installed the privy and put a new roof on it. By the end of June, the siding around the privy, the pickets and handrail will be completed and the just completed privy roof will be painted red and the first deck will be re-painted grey.

We had to cancel tours for the rest of the 2020 season as our tour boat operator opted to close down his operation this year. We will still have some level of preservation activities later this season.

We were able to raise almost $430,000 for this project, a portion coming from the State of Maryland through a Local Bond Initiative grant. Stay tuned for more publicity as we celebrate National Lighthouse Day on August 7, 2020 and the 145 anniversary of Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse. We have invited Senator Sarah Elfreth and Governor Larry Hogan to see the restoration up front and personal.

Contact: John Potvin
Lighthouse Manager
Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse
Update: 06/21/20

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