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Jimmy Buffett at Thomas Point!

On October 11, we hosted Jimmy Buffett at Thomas Point. In a hastily arranged visit, author Dave Gendell joined Lighthouse Manager John Potvin at dawn to open up and greet Mr. Buffett, who arrived with a production crew. Potvin and Gendell (the author of the new Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse book – see video) gave him a tour of the lighthouse.

He recorded two songs at the lighthouse that will be aired on the internet in a live feed in the near future featuring his travels down the East Coast. Thomas Point plays a special role in the video, and one of the songs is new to Jimmy and has never been played by him before.

It was fascinating to see the production crew arrange the set, and have Jimmy sing to Dave and I with no one else aboard. We had kept the visit secret, although a few boaters recognized his boats (a power catamaran and a sleek sailboat, both with distinctive sea foam green finishes). But the public gave us the space we needed to film the set over about 3 hours.

Mr. Buffett applauded the work that has been done by the preservationists for the Chesapeake Chapter of the United States Lighthouse Society. The local press picked up on the story, and there were plenty of positive comments from the public on Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse.

It seems everyone loves Thomas Point!!!

Click to view pictures of the visit here.

Contact: John Potvin
Lighthouse Manager
Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse
Update: 10/19/20

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