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Program: Lighthouse Keeper Grave Marker

US Lighthouse grave markerThe Lighthouse Keeper Grave Marker Program takes a big step forward in our region with the April 7 series of ceremonies. Six keepers were honored at five ceremonies at four cemeteries in Mathews County Virginia.
Not only does this take the program to the next level, it also raises the Chesapeake Chapter’s “pursuit” of including more of the Virginia lighthouses in our programs. We can thank our local volunteer coordinator and Advisory Board Member Betty Collins for getting this program moving in Virginia, with the loyal support of our steadfast volunteers Hobie Statzer and Tony Pasek. We expect the publicity from this April event to generate more requests for similar ceremonies. To support this increase we have developed a formal Grave Marker Ceremony Request form that is posted on the Chapter web site. Boosted by the Board approving an annual budget of $1000, and a recent $500 donation to the Chapter specifically for this program, I see this program having a very positive affect and influence on perpetuating the history of Chesapeake Bay lighthouse keepers. It is my hope that all of our Chapter members will be proud to to be a part of this Lighthouse Keeper Grave Marker program.

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