Keeper Bio: Patrick and Ann Murphy


Date of Service: 1865-1873

1830:  Patrick Murphy is born in approximately1830, in Ireland.

1839:  Ann Murphy is born in approximately 1839, in Ireland.

1865-1870:  Patrick Murphy was a crew member on LV-22, stationed at Wolftrap Station, in the Chesapeake Bay. His annual salary is $750/year.

1872:  Patrick Murphy is appointed Principal Keeper at Point of Shoals Lighthouse, VA. His annual salary is $600.

1873:   Patrick Murphy is appointed Principal Keeper at Craney Island Lighthouse, VA. in July.

1873:  Ann Murphy serves as First Assistant at Craney Island Lighthouse, Va. Her annual salary is $420.

1873:  Patrick Murphy dies while serving as Principal Keeper. His wife and First Assistant, Ann, resigns after his death.

Sources: Chesapeake Chapter Keeper’s Database;;

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