Keeper Bio: Meeds, James E.


Date of Service: 1873 – 1901

1839:  James E. Meeds is born in June in parents Edwin & Mary Meeds in Maryland.

1866:  James E. Meeds marries Sarah E. in Maryland.

1862-1865:  James E. Meeds fought in the 8th Maryland Infantry Regiment during the Civil War.

1873-1901:  James E. Meeds is appointed Principal Keeper of Fort Carroll Lighthouse, MD. His beginning salary is $540, and his ending salary is $575/year. (His wife Sarah E. Meeds served as a laborer).

1900:   In the U.S. Census, James, age 61, is listed as lighthouse keeper at Fort Carroll, along with his wife.

1901:   James E. Meeds died while serving as Principal Keeper of Fort Carroll Lighthouse on March 2nd, at age 62. He is buried at Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore, MD.

Sources: Chesapeake Chapter Keeper’s Database;;


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