INTRODUCING the 3rd Patch in the Lost Light Series

Jordan Point PatchThe lost lights series of patches will commemorate lighthouses we have lost over the years. The third Patch from the Lost Lights series features Jordan Point Lighthouse which was located in Virginia.

The first Jordan Point Lighthouse was built in 1855 on the James River near Hopewell, Virginia. This first lighthouse was a white keeper’s quarters with a light on the red roof of the structure containing a pressed-glass masthead lens. The house was removed in 1875 due to shore erosion. A square pyramidal wooden bell tower was built and the lantern was placed at the top of the tower. This became the second lighthouse and is the one depicted in the patch. In 1888 a new keeper’s house was built. Erosion continued to be a problem and in 1927 the light was deactivated and the house and surrounding property were sold. Proceeds from the sale of this patch will be used to help preserve lighthouses for future generations. The cost of the patch is $8.00 and can be ordered thru the Keeper’s Loft.

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