Hooper Strait Lightship

LV25 (designated Hooper Strait) was built in 1827 in the Chesapeake Bay region. It was a 41-ton wooden hull ship. It was stationed in Hooper Strait beginning in 1827. It was the only lightship ever stationed in Maryland waters, except for the Potomac River. The station was disestablished September 14, 1867, after the Hooper Island lighthouse was activated. LV25 finished out serving as Relief (VA) from 1867-1870 (Deepwater Shoal lighthouse reconstruction); Choptank River (Maryland) entrance (lighthouse construction) from 1870-1871; Eel Grass Shoal (Connecticut) from 1872-1877; and Relief (Connecticut) from 1877-1884 (Robbins Reef lighthouse construction).
Limited historical records indicate that the Hooper Strait lightship and the ship stationed at Janes Island were the only two to escape being removed, sunk or destroyed by Confederate forces south of Cape Henry and including the Potomac River.

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Keepers: Robert Griffith (1843 – 1855), Henry S. Denton (1845 – 1849), George Keene (1849 – 1853), Severn Mister (1853), Thomas Hardison (1853 – 1855), Washington Slocum (1855 – 1857), Peter Kirwan (1857 – 1858), Charles V. Crockett (1858 – 1861), Martin L. Wall (1861 – 1865), Joshua Jefferson (1865 – 1866), Zebedee Harper (1866 – 1867)

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