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Trips and Cruises Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions: This information defines the responsibility of the Chesapeake Chapter, United States Lighthouse Society (hereafter known as CCUSLHS) with respect to all of our trips. Please read it carefully. Payment of deposit represents an acceptance by the Chapter/non-Chapter member to the terms and conditions.

Changes in all trip itineraries may occur for reasons beyond the control of the CCUSLHS. The CCUSLHS will reserve the right to decline any Chapter/non-Chapter member as a participant of their trips at any time.

Reservations: To make your reservation for any trip, submit the trip registration form with the required deposit for the trip. Full payment is due 60 days prior to departure date and will be the trip participant responsibility. Trips not fully paid for by the final payment date will be terminated and the next person on the waiting list will be awarded the spot.

Cancellations and Refunds: The CCUSLHS reserves the right to cancel any trip, in which case a full refund is given. The CCUSLHS is not responsible for any additional expenses incurred by participants in preparation for the trip. Trip cancellations due to insufficient registration will occur 30 days or more prior to departure date. Contact the CCUSLHS prior to arranging transportation to any trip destination/departure location.

The CCUSLHS is not responsible for changes in trip itineraries as a result of inclement weather. Every effort will be made to reschedule events/trips where possible. If the new time and location of the event is not convenient for any participant and they are unable to attend there will be no refund. A portion of the cost may be refunded in the event that overall rescheduling of an event/trip is not physically possible. Non-refundable portions would be any trip expenses that are not recovered by the CCUSLHS.

Medical: While our trips are not rigorous, they can be physically demanding and we often travel to areas where medical establishments are not immediately available. The CCUSLHS assumes no liability regarding the provisions of medical care. Persons with medical problems, physical limitations and/or special medication requirements or allergies must make them known to CCUSLHS on the trip registration form. The trip coordinator has the right to disqualify any member from the group at any time if considered medically necessary, or to avoid endangering
the group or if the participant is physically or emotionally unfit for the rigors of the trip. Refunds are not given under such circumstances.

Dismissal from a Trip: At the trip coordinator’s discretion, you may be asked to leave a trip if the trip coordinator feels that your further participation may be detrimental to you, the trip, or to other participants on the trip. Foul language, lewd actions, and disrespect to the bus driver/boat captain, other trip participants, hotel and restaurant staff will not be tolerated.

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