Bowlers Rock Lightship


LV28 (designated Bowlers Rock) was stationed in the upper Rappahannock River, about 34 miles above its entrance into the Chesapeake Bay, and approximately 8 1/2 miles downriver from the town of Tappahannock. The lightship served from 1864 until 1868. Prior to 1867, when LV 28 was assigned, official records identify the vessel as Bowlers Rock Light Vessel. Bowlers Rock was withdrawn when the station was discontinued.
Prior to this lightship, LV”O” served the station from 1835 until 1861 when it was captured by Confederate forces. The ship and its crew’s fate remain unknown.

From 1861 through 1863 the station was vacant.

Photo is of LV28 in 1895 when on station in Galveston.







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